What Does Affirmative Mean?

(What does the dictionary online word Affirmative mean?)
Affirmative means... Affirming or giving assent, an affirmative decision, affirmative votes
Dictionary Word: Affirmative | Part of speech: adj

Affirmative also means... expecting the best; "an affirmative outlook"
Dictionary Word: Affirmative | Part of speech: adj

Affirmative also means... a reply of affirmation; "he answered in the affirmative"
Dictionary Word: Affirmative | Part of speech: noun

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What does affirmative action mean?
A policy designed to redress past discrimination against women and minority groups through measures to improve their economic and educational opportunities; "affirmative action has been extremely controversial and was challenged in 1978 in the Bakke decision"

What does affirmative pleading mean?
Any defensive pleading that affirms facts rather than merely denying the facts alleged by the plaintiff

What does affirmatively mean?
In an affirmative manner

What does affirmativeness mean?
The agreeable quality of one who assents


a. [L.affirmativus: cf. F. affirmatif.] 1.Confirmative; ratifying; as, an act affirmative of commonlaw.

2. That affirms; asserting that the fact is so;declaratory of what exists; answering "yes" to a question; -- opposed tonegative; as, an affirmative answer; an affirmativevote.

3. Positive; dogmatic. [Obs.] J.Taylor.

Lysicles was a little by the affirmative air ofCrito.

4. (logic) Expressing the agreement of thetwo terms of a proposition.

5. (Alg.) Positive; -- a term applied toquantities which are to be added, and opposed to negative, or suchas are to be subtracted.


n. 1.That which affirms as opposed to that which denies; an affirmativeproposition; that side of question which affirms or maintains theproposition stated; -- opposed to negative; as, there were fortyvotes in the affirmative, and ten in the negative.

Whether there are such beings or not, 't is sufficient formy purpose that many have believed the affirmative.

2. A word or phrase expressing affirmation orassent; as, yes, that is so, etc.

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